Insight Professional Development & More.

At the core of Insight is our full suite of professional development tools.

The Insight system was designed from the ground up to be a professional development data system, storing data to ensure accurate and comprehensive longitudinal recording of professional growth and development.

Online Individual Profile

Insight's Online Individual Profile collects various configurable data elements used to create a transparent and efficient professional pathway.


  • Demographics
  • Education
  • Training
  • Employment Tracking
  • Automated Career Level Calculations
  • Individual Training Needs Assessments

Memberships & Membership Fees

Insight helps segment user-profiles and access based on membership type and status. These configurable membership types can be configured to collect a fee upon membership submission. 


  • Configurable membership types and access
  • Online membership fee payments and invoicing
  • Configurable membership administrative management and workflows

Individual Professional Development Plan

Goals and Professional Development go hand-in-hand. Insight's Professional Development Plan allows both staff and programs to engage and create a list of actionable goals and then track the status and success of each item. 


  • Trackable list of items
  • Integrates with Quality Rating & Improvement module Action Items
  • Program oversight to manage and track staff's progress

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