Insight Learning Management

Learning management is central to any professional development initiative.

No other training platform provides Insight’s unique ability to manage a diverse group of training providers, and enforce high standards for course content.

Course and Training Quality Control

Quality training starts by ensuring high standards for course content are met. Insight delivers a suite of tools designed to help coordinate training activities throughout an entire workforce and ensure your course content standards are met.


  • Course and training event approval
  • Trainer approval & competency assessments
  • Integrated trainer and training valuations

Online Event Registration & Attendance Tracking

Insight provides an intuitive online event search and registration experience to minimize any barriers between your workforce and approved training content.


  • Mobile-friendly event search and registration functionality
  • Online registration with real-time seat availability
  • Online payment processing and invoicing
  • Register and pay for staff training
  • Verify attendance with online event rosters

Integrated E-Learning

E-Learning makes up a big part of the "L" in any LMS system in today's world. The Insight LMS system integrates with our standalone E-Learning platform to provide a robust and complete LMS package.


  • Online quizzes and grading
  • Supports online ZOOM sessions
  • Course and classroom metrics and reporting

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