Insight Consumer Education System

Finding quality childcare is generally more like a chore than a positive experience.

To solve this dilemma, we reached out to several industry professionals to better understand what sort of tool our users needed and deserved. As a result, Insight's Consumer Education platform was created from the ground up with ease-of-use and quality data as the foundation.

Intuitive Program Search Tool

The Insight Consumer Education system provides a parent/guardian centric search tool that makes finding quality childcare within your area easy.


  • Program search within the desired radius of an address or zip code
  • Displaying of program’s distance from searched by address
  • Mobile-first design creating an intuitive search experience on just about any device
  • Live chat with real Referral Specialists
  • Submission of referral requests 24/7
  • Side-by-side program comparison
  • Accesses to more detailed program profiles

Configurable Program Data Fields

A common drawback to many Consumer Education systems is the difference in data needing to be collected and how it is collected. Which often creates a reporting nightmare.

Insight created an intuitive and flexible data collection structure that allows you to configure the data you need and how you want to collect it.


  • Program rate information by age and schedule
  • Detailed or general vacancy information, who sees it, and when it was last updated
  • Enrollment schedules, age groups, and more
  • Additional services like transportation, health screenings, and meals served
  • Website addresses, social media, philosophy statements, and other resources speaking toward the culture or the program and if it is a fit

Flexible Data Exchanges & System Integration

Reduce errors and increase satisfaction by not asking programs to enter the same data in two places.


  • State or local registry systems
  • State licensing system
  • QRIS system
  • And more

Concise Program Managed Profiles

Present an abundance of program-managed data that is concise and accurate. Insight's data collection accessible display easily helps distinguish one program from another.


  • Well organized and configurable data elements
  • Mobile friendly and accessible interface
  • Side-by-side comparisons with other selected programs
  • Sharing and printing of profiles

Consolidated Reporting

Insight's flexible data structure makes reporting a breeze. By incorporating real-time business intelligence, making data-driven decisions becomes much easier.


  • Simple and intuitive report displays and dashboards
  • Configurable reports specific to your reporting needs
  • Shareable report views so funders can view data
  • Flexible and extendable reporting to support your data needs as you grow

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