Insight E-Learning

E-Learning is no longer just another way to deliver content. It is now the standard.

2020 taught us some hard lessons; one of these is that E-Learning will be a must-have moving forward. Insight's E-Learning system delivers quality online courses where your learners are.

Multiple Online Learning Methods

Insight's flexible course setup allows you to configure your course as you need. Our different learning methods, or learning modules, ensure your course content is delivered and recorded accurately.


  • SCORM content
  • The setup and management of ZOOM online meetings
  • Evidence of Learning and resources
  • Interactive Discussion Boards
  • Multi-media support

Standard User-Friendly Features

Insight's E-Learning supports many basic features commonly found in all E-Learning systems. These features are fundamental in creating and managing your online content.


  • Course creation and management
  • Classroom creation and tracking
  • Flexible grading options for both online and uploaded coursework
  • Manageable completion deadlines to ensure adequate time for completion without remaining open-ended
  • Learner invitation to allow access to courses if no LMS is integrated
  • Learner satisfaction metrics and tracking

Flexible Data Exchanges & System Integration

Insight's E-Learning system is primarily an online content delivery platform. This focus separates us from your typical E-Learning system. It allows us to focus primarily on the course work and the subsequent reporting. The LMS platforms we integrate with take care of all learner registration and attendance tracking.


  • Direct system integration with a variety of platform types such as Registries
  • Indirect system integrations allow learners to link to your online coursework
  • Hybrid integrations allowing for any mix of the above two options in part

Track Course Level Metrics in Real-Time

Trainers have access to course-level metrics for the courses they create.


  • Average minutes per learner
  • Average score earned
  • Total registered participants
  • Participation statistics by registration status

Track Classroom Level Metrics in Real-Time

Trainers are able to see classroom-level metrics as they happen. This level of analytics helps troubleshoot any issues a learner may be experiencing with their coursework.


  • Total time in module
  • Module launch and participation history
  • Module interaction status and availability
  • Module grading

Manage Multiple Training Accounts

Insight E-Learning supports the management and payment of multiple training organizations/trainer accounts under a single Hub. 


  • Multiple Trainer accounts linked to a main training hub
  • Online payment processing and invoices
  • Unique URLS specific to your E-Learning account

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