Empowering Growth & Development

Through Innovative Learning.

The Insight platform is transforming the industry by providing flexibility and an easy-to-use system that allows professionals to strive for greatness. Insight allows Early Childhood Education professionals room to flourish.

What is Insight?

Consortium of Peers

Insight harnesses the power of unity through a consortium of professionals. We band together to evolve Insight to match the needs of the industry. Insight’s goal is to continue to improve the system and exceed expectations in the thriving childcare industry.

Philosophy of Innovation

Insight is centered on constant improvement and the philosophy that the product can continually be made better. Innovation accepts that we are never done learning, which means that Insight is ever-improving and growing.

Quality Data

Insight is unique because it gathers all the data collected and synthesizes it in reports and metrics that speak to the efficacy of our client's programs and initiatives. Quality data is the backbone of our system.


Workforce Professional Development

With Insight, professional development pathways become clear, bolstering the organizations that incorporate it and the workforce it is designed to empower.

  • Supports Membership Levels & Payment
  • Automated & Configurable Career Level Calculations
  • Demographics, Education, Training, and Employment Tracking

Learning Management System

Insight delivers an unprecedented suite of tools integrated into its professional development platform, tools designed to help coordinate training activities throughout an entire workforce.

  • Trainer & Training Approval Workflows
  • Integrated E-Learning Including ZOOM Sessions
  • Online Registration and Payments
  • Integrated Mobile App

Quality Rating & Improvement

With Insight, QRIS has evolved into a robust and customizable Quality Rating and Improvement module that seamlessly integrates with our suite of Early Childcare platforms.

  • Support for Multiple Initiatives & Workflows
  • Integrated & Configurable
  • Flexible Scoring Includes Observations & Assessments

Consumer Education

The Insight Consumer Education system has brought ease of use to the forefront. Our system boasts a full feature set and provides an intuitive user experience for parents and guardians looking for care and the staff ready to support them. 

  • Intuitive Program Search Tool
  • Configurable Program Profiles
  • Flexible Data Exchanges & System Integration


In addition to a global pandemic, 2020 will be known as the year online learning became a must. Let Insight deliver the training your workforce needs where they are. 

  • Integration with Other Systems Including Registries
  • Supports Three Different Online Learning Methods Including ZOOM Sessions
  • Comes Standard with Many user-Friendly Features

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Our Commitment

Insight has become a trusted partner in the Early Childhood Education industry. Our clients rely on the Insight system to record, evaluate, and improve the quality of child care they provide to families across the United States. When you choose Insight, you are choosing a team of dedicated individuals intent on constant growth.

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