Insight Quality Rating & Improvement

Improvement is a key metric in all Quality Rating & Improvement Systems.

The Insight Quality Rating and Improvement module was developed to enhance, grow with, and adapt to just about any implementation of QRIS.

Integrated Quality Rating & Improvement.

It is a fully integrated Quality improvement system that supports multiple initiatives, workflows, and application types.


  • Quality Rating
  • Quality Improvement
  • Grants

Program Level Data Tracking

There are many data elements at the direct program-level impact how a score is rendered or prepared for. Insight collects and tracks a variety of program-level data elements and initiatives to help ensure the rating rendered is as accurate as possible.


  • Coaching & Technical Assistance tracking
  • Accreditation & affiliation tracking
  • Staff credentials
  • Classroom assignment tracking

Configurable Scoring with Reviews

The ability to assess and communicate the level of quality in early and school-age care and education programs is vital to any QRIS. Insight's modular approach to scoring will support just about any implementation of QRIS.


  • Indicator level scoring
  • Evidence upload
  • Appeals and scoring review
  • Auto-scoring with administrative override

Flexible Data Exchange & System Integration

Many QRIS's utilize external systems to render different aspects of their quality review. Insight can accommodate this requirement in a few different ways depending on your specific QRIS process.


  • Integrated or imported Observation data and scores
  • Integrated or imported assessment scoring data

Quality Improvement Plans

To help programs move to the next rating level, Quality Support staff (Coaches) assign a list of items they need to complete to ensure they are on the right track. Insight allows programs to track and record progress on these items as part of a broader Quality Improvement plan.


  • Entry & management of action items (To-Dos)
  • Items with cost and subsequent approval workflows
  • Integration with staff's Individual Professional Development Plan

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